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Transparency and the Future of LOTD Plus

Last week, I published a post in which I proposed a fairly drastic paradigm shift for the guide. My proposal turned out to be a fairly polarizing issue which led to a fair bit of discussion amongst the staff, the conclusions of which are outlined below.

LOTD Plus Is For The Users

We opened a Pandora’s box of sorts with our last update when we switched from Immersive College of Winterhold to Obscure’s College of Winterhold. We made that switch because I received enough prodding from the community that I finally gave it a chance.

On Wabbajack… Follow-up

I finally decided that it was time to do a more technical, less emotional review of Wabbajack. It is undeniable that Wabbajack has had a polarizing effect on our community and, for better or worse, isn’t likely to go anywhere any time soon.

The Gift of Charity

I’ve been considering jumping on Patreon for quite a while. Actually, I started thinking about it before I’d even chosen the name LOTD Plus for my guide.

Welcome Home

Today I am pleased to announce that LOTD Plus is officially open for business. It’s far from finished, but it’s stable and certainly usable.