Frequently Asked Questions

  • Finding mods in MO2 is a pain. Is there any way to categorize mods like they are on the site?

    Kind of. MO2 includes a category system that is… awkward at best out of the box. There are several alternative category lists available on Nexus built around the Nexus categories, or you can build your own category list. On the other hand, if you’re as OCD as I am and want to match the categories to the guide, a prebuilt categories.dat file for Legacy is available here.

  • I have an ultrawide (21:9) monitor, how do I make LOTD Plus play nicely with it?

    In the future I plan to provide our own all-in-one resolution-independent patch built specifically for the guide, but I haven’t had a chance to get to it yet. For now, it depends on the mod. Many UI mods work beautifully at 21:9 out of the box. Some mods may be made redundant by available ultrawide patches. Simply install the patched version over the one linked in the guide.


  • I have an NVIDIA GTX 1060 MaxQ 6GB or similar video card, can I run this guide?

    It depends. Robotic tested it and reported an average of 20-30FPS. If you are happy with that framerate, you’ll be fine. If you prefer a higher framerate or your card has less VRAM than the listed card, I recommend taking a look at my friend Lexy’s guide.

  • I have an NVIDIA GTX 1070 or better video card, can I run this guide?

    Probably. I did a test run on an ASUS ROG with an integrated GTX 1070. It ran fine 99% of the time with only minor issues in some high-traffic or similar areas.

  • The guide is telling me to install a version of a mod that no longer exists. Is the newer version OK?

    It depends…

    Generally Safe

    • Anything installed manually in the SSE directory (CK Fixes, ENB)
    • Tools (Wrye Bash, Mator Smash, etc)
    • SKSE Plugins which are for the same game and SKSE version we use
    • Mods that contain only loose assets (meshes, textures and animations)


    • Anything that includes an ESP, ESM, or ESL
    • Anything that uses scripts (this especially can be dangerous)

    If you have questions about a specific mod, please ask us in the #help-desk Discord channel.

  • I don’t like mod "x" in the guide, can you replace it with mod "y" instead?

    No. The guide is the way it is because a) I want it that way, b) the majority of my userbase agrees. No, not everyone is a fan of every mod. Yes, I know that some people won’t like the way I chose to build the guide. If you fall into that category, this guide might not be for you. You’re welcome to try to use my guide as a baseline for your own work, or build something completely new! A guide to creating a stable modlist with almost any mod you want is available here.

  • When will the next guide update be ready?

    While I try to do updates over weekends, some updates (like the LOTD5 update or the addition of the NPC Retexture Merge) can take a significant amount of time to get right. I strive to ensure that updates are as smooth as possible, and don’t want to subject users to any more headaches than are necessary with a guide this size. As such, no deadline is a guarantee; remember, this guide is a labor of love made available to the community for free.

  • Why can’t I see a recent change or update to the guide?

    If you visited the site recently, it’s possible that you have an old version cached. Clear your browser cache, or press Shift-F5 to force a reload of the page.

  • Why is Uthgerd the Unbroken attacking me for no reason?

    It’s a somewhat rare vanilla bug. The easiest way to fix it is to open console and run the following commands:

    Player.GetCrimeGold 267ea
    Player.SetCrimeGold 1 267ea
    Player.PayCrimeGold 0 0 267ea

  • What is an ITM?

    An ITM, or “Identical To Master,” record is a record which is identical to its equivalent in the base game. ITMs are not inherently bad; in fact, some are done intentionally and cleaning them may break functionality. If the guide doesn’t tell you to remove an ITM, it’s probably best not to.

  • What is a UDR?

    A UDR, or “Undeleted Reference,” is a record which has been flagged as deleted instead of actually being deleted. These can cause CTDs, so they should be cleaned in SSEEdit.

  • Skyrim just updated! What should I do?

    Don’t install it! SKSE and all related mods will not work with the latest version until their authors have the time to update them. We recommend disabling automatic updates for Skyrim within Steam. Launching through SKSE will not cause an update. If you have accidentally updated Skyrim, follow the instructions here to learn how to roll back to a previous version.

  • I am getting low FPS or my GPU is not good enough, how can I fix it?

    Regardless of what GPU you use, VRAM is likely a bottleneck at the moment. Even alsa’s 1080 ti at 11GB is using all of that up, so it is a bottleneck with all consumer GPUs on the market right now. You can however resize mods manually after you installed a fully working copy of the guide.

    How to do so and why not to just download lower resolution versions is explained here.

    The other big performance-hungry part of the guide is the ENB preset. Consider using a lighter preset or even not using ENB at all. Visit #enbs on Discord for more information.